The Digital Meatloaf website has been launched. There is still a lot of construction work to do, and will likely take another week or two to get all of the content added. So far, I have finished with the entire website's CSS, the Home Page's HTML, and the Blog Page's HTML/JavaScript. The forums are mostly set up, but I haven't looked into the About and Contact page yet.

I haven't touched the PHP of the website, and haven't decided whether or not to use it. I might just port the PHP from the forums to the main website if I ever decide to include login/signup. I'm currently using the jQuery library to extend my JavaScript abilities for the website.

The forums is running on phpBB, because it is a lot of work to write the forums from scratch, and phpBB is an excellent choice for forum software. I was considering using vBulletin, MyBB, and Simple Machines 2, but in the end phpBB was the best.

By: Schalk (Technical Director)

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