For sake of introduction, I'm Sean Bentzen, project lead and designer of Project Black Raven. Presently we have the vast majority of primary design completed, though unpolished. This morning I finished up the flavor text for every ship in the game, minus a few miscellaneous ones that haven't even been sketched yet. For all intents and purposes, the flavor of the game is ramping up quite nicely.

Realistically, at this pace, the most intensive design challenges have been overcome. Ships, factions, weapons, loadouts, fleet, squadron, XP, and the actual game layers have all been finished. The trick now is to get them coded, gray boxed, and functional. Once that's done, we'll be in a position to polish the hell out of the game until it's in a presentable state for crowd funding. Everything is coming together nicely.

Beyond basic design, my intention as project lead is to have one developer diary released a week for the duration of the project from here on out. These diaries aren't necessarily extensive, but should contain progress reports and general teases about what the team is working on and what's coming next.

Thanks for your interest in the project. Spread the word.

By: Sean (Project Lead)

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