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Additional Test

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This is a test of the announcement system, again. Behold, the power of Digital Meatloaf's announcements- now with MORE meatiness! :o :mrgreen:
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Dev Diary #11

Posted On:
We've made a lot of progress since my last diary! Pathfinding has been completed, unique terrain information for each tile has been created, and we've made some good progress on a method of loading in all of the objects that the map will need rather than the rather unstable methods we've been using so far for testing purposes. Terrain generation is looking excellent, and right now the new terrain information hasn't been worked in properly quite yet, so we've got a lot of the same kind of terrain appearing by default. Im also working on a lot of the information related to the many buildings that are going to be involved in the "Sector Conquest" mode, as we're currently calling it. One last thing I will likely be starting soon is helping to with implementing turns, but thats for the next diary.

Thanks for following us, come back next week for more!
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