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Additional Test

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This is a test of the announcement system, again. Behold, the power of Digital Meatloaf's announcements- now with MORE meatiness! :o :mrgreen:
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Dev Diary #2

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Ahoy! My name is Chris Bonnell, and I’m the website developer and a game programmer here at Digital Meatloaf. In the company structure, I am under Schalk, and work alongside Hibma and Horne (see About Us for biographies). By day, I am a DBA (database administrator), by night I am a developer and, like most of us here, an avid gamer.

In the beginning

Similar to many, I got caught up in the world of gaming at a young age. My father brought a computer home one day and after that point I was hooked. I remember playing some Star Wars game that I do not remember the name of for hours. And by hours, I mean probably half-hour sessions over the course of days; hey, I was young and restricted from such "obsessiveness". Fast forward to about 2003(?), I was
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