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Additional Test

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This is a test of the announcement system, again. Behold, the power of Digital Meatloaf's announcements- now with MORE meatiness! :o :mrgreen:
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Dev Diary #14

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Hello everyone! I am so glad to meet you again. Today I will give you an overview of my working process.
Tools of the Trade
For the modeling process I use Blender.
Blender is an open source content creation package that is becoming a strong contender to professional tools.
For a free package, Blender is extremely powerful as it can do more than just modeling.
Only a few people know it, but Blender is a full fledged game engine. It can also do video editing similar to Adobe Premiere.
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For texturing I use Substance Painter.
There is only one word that can describe Painter accurately and I think that word comes short when it comes to Painter's features.
Substance is AWESOME!!!!
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