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Additional Test

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This is a test of the announcement system, again. Behold, the power of Digital Meatloaf's announcements- now with MORE meatiness! :o :mrgreen:
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Dev Diary #6

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I'm Tisha Charlton and I'm one of the texture artist interns working for Digital Meatloaf. I haven’t been here very long, but in that short time I've found the project to be very interesting and fun. In hoping in working for Digital Meatloaf to not only help out with this awesome game, but to expand on my knowledge as an artist and develop my current skill-set.

It began with an angry brother

I vaguely remember my first encounter with video games. I don't quite remember the game but I think it was Lufia. Anyhow it began with a very angry brother trying to figure out a certain puzzle dealing with switches. So I was just minding my own business you know doing what little sisters do...being nosy and spying on older brothers. My brother was very angry that he couldn’t figure out this puzzle so out of frustration he threw the controller down and stormed out the living room. After I witnessed this strange phenomena that I thought was some
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